Walter Morales

Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Educator

Walter has spent many years working in education, and is very passionate about improving the education system.  Previously, he was a Professor of Finance at LSU, and currently he runs a non-profit foundation which he runs called The Louisiana Achievement Charter Academies, which runs 3 different charter schools.

In his business career, Walter has had much success in the Finance world both for other companies, and by starting his own firm, Commonwealth Advisors, Inc. in 1991 which he has the role of President and Chief Investment Officer.  Along with this, Walter is on the board of several other organizations around the Baton Rouge area, and has been an integral part of restructuring many other organizations too.

Walter is in tune with the Baton Rouge community and spends his time trying to improve upon the education system, specifically in the urban environment.  Walter is also heavily involved with issues involving racial disparity and volunteers with many different local non-profit organizations that work with these types of issues.

Professional Credentials

Personal Life

  • Grew Up In Baton Rouge, LA
  • Devoted Catholic
  • Part of the Diocese of Baton Rouge Racial Harmony Commission

education background

  • Louisiana State University, 1984.  Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.
  • Louisiana State University, 1993.  Master of Business Administration

Professional Experience

  • Chief Investment Officer.  Baton Rouge Bank Trust Division.  
  •  Founder, President, and Chief Investment Officer.  Commonwealth Advisors, Inc. 
  • Professor of Finance.  Louisiana State University.  
  •  Founder.  Louisiana Achievement Charter Academies. 
walter morales

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Get In Touch with Walter Morales

If you have any questions about The Walter Morales Scholarship, Walter wants to hear from you!  Also if you are a colleague in the education field who has any ideas or would like to collaborate with any of Walter’s foundations or you have ideas on ways to improve upon the education system, please feel free to contact Walter by using the contact form.


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