How to Get a Full Scholarship

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A full scholarship is a holy grail of funding an opportunity to cover your studies. A scholarship provider can cover your full living and tuition costs.

 It allows you to concentrate on your social life and studies. Full scholarships are rare, and the available ones are very competitive. From Walter Morales Baton Rouge success story, you shouldn’t stop applying despite the competitiveness.

Read this article to discover how to multiply your chances of winning.

Know where to search for the scholarship

The first to tackle is to know where to find the full scholarships. Start by looking at the website of the university of your choice. The university might be offering funding opportunities for students in your area. They may also be offering scholarships in your subject. There are also online websites to check for international scholarships like These sites list several scholarship opportunities in specific subjects aimed at certain groups.

Early preparations

If you know you need a full scholarship, it’s vital to start early preparations. It helps in scenarios where you have to attend an interview. You need to dress well for scholarships with in-person interviews for the occasion. It would help if you got prepared with good answers to the possible questions. Have also relevant questions to ask the interview panel.

Stay motivated and work hard

Full scholarships rely on financial needs more than academic excellence. Some scholarships will consider the two aspects. Some scholarships will also target specific exceptional students. In the scholarship hustle and academic journey, you need to stay motivated by your goals. Take breaks to relax and refresh your minds before you embark on scholarship hunting.

Be unique from other applicants

The competition is very stiff in scholarship applications. It’s hard to be the best out of the rest without demonstrating real commitment. You can make yourself better to win the scholarship. You need to have extracurricular activities as proof that you deserve the opportunity. Show some examples of activities you have done with the local community. Any volunteer work will show passion and interest in matters outside the classroom.

Recommendation letters are another proof that you are different from the rest. You can get recommendations from the local administration or your former school. Your religious leader, a mentor, and other organizations can offer recommendations.

Read and understand the instruction materials

It’s easy to miss a concept or a page of the application document while applying for the scholarship. Read the application guidelines well not to miss anything.

Provide an exceptional cover letter

Make your cover letter to be the best out of the rest. It should be clear and conscious with the correct formatting. The introduction should grab your reader’s attention.

The letter should stay on the main topic of discussion.


The scholarship application is a delicate process that you need to handle well. Remember to be realistic in your application as you consider the above guidelines. They will help you to stand a chance to win the scholarship.

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